Dream Water: Spa Well and Sleep Easy

Dream Water

Trouble sleeping? This year’s Summer Spaaah Series gift bags included a full-size sample of Dream Water, a lightly flavored bedtime shot with natural relaxation effects. We’ll be honest. We banged on their door and begged Dream Water to participate in the Series. Why? Because we can’t sleep either!

Like the approximately 70 million other Americans who suffer from sleep issues, the founders of Dream Water found themselves counting sheep on sleepless nights, skeptical of the potentially harmful effects and addictive chemicals found in most sleep-aid solutions. It was then that they decided to put all that extra time awake to good use.

More effective than counting sheep, Dream Water contains three natural ingredients that should occasionally help transport you to a sound and restful sleep, including GABA, Melatonin and 5-HTP (Tryptophan) to help you relax.

We’re very thankful that Dream Water joined us on our summer journey this year because frankly, we needed the beauty sleep.

What did you think of your Dream Water experience? Let us know! You can read our Dream Water review here.

Buy Dream Water at dreamwater.com or at most drugstores and mass markets.

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